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Paper Tape
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ThinkPad W520 windows 7 recovery media


I understand that this question was probably asked a million times, but unfortunately I haven't found a viable solution for my problem. I'll try to describe it in details.


I bought a pre-owned W520 laptop, that's supposed to have a Windows 7 Pro. For some reason, the previous owner removed the COA sticker, that was located under the battery. The hard disk is also wiped clean, so no recovery partition is available.


I want to install and activate a geniune Windows 7. Some pirated copy of windows is installed there, I tried to extract a license key with Belarc Advisor, but it was some generic OEM key found on the internet, i.e. not genuine.


The summary of my talk with the local support and service center

- I can't just install any copy of Windows 7 (say download an image from Microsoft), it won't activate without a COA key that is missing

- if I can get a recovery media for this exact laptop, it will maybe activate from the key in BIOS

- we don't know where to get this recovery media


so if someone could help me with these questions

- can I legally download a recovery image for this laptop (I only found some links for windows 10 downgrade, which I'm not eligible for)

- can I extract the key from BIOS and maybe install a generic Windows 7 

- is there even an OEM key in BIOS (because the guys from support center told me it's only for windows 8 and 10, not for 7) and will it activate?


thanks in advance. Oleg.

Paper Tape
Posts: 5
Registered: ‎12-14-2016
Location: UA
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Re: ThinkPad W520 windows 7 recovery media

could someone please help me sort this out?

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