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Thinkpad P1 Gen 2 Initial Quality

I'm looking at replacing my well aged Dell M6600 workstation. It has done well over the past 6 years but the BSODs are increasing, second or third replacement battery is completely dead, and performance issues are starting to dominate my day to day experience. Most machines at our shop are Dell but there's no policy requiring one - mainly the goal is to get something powerful, portable, with good support and reliability.


I was drawn to the P1's specs. I've had thinkpads in the past (T40, T60, x20, x40, x60t, x220) which were all used when I got them and did quite well, so I have an idea, albiet dated of thinkpad quality. I held off on pulling the trigger on the P1 because I read that Gen 2 will be coming out this month and who wants buyers remorse so soon on a new machine? However, after reading through forum posts here it seems clear that the Gen 1 P1 had significant quality issues upon first release. Clearly, Lenovo has improved things since then, but I have my concerns.


I like the specs on the P1 Gen 2 but even with next business day support, I cannot afford the deal with a machine which may have repeated failures in the first couple months. Does anyone have any information on whether Lenovo has improved upon the process to ensure better initial quality upon release of new models?

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