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Paper Tape
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Thinkpad P1 two keys always delayed

Dear All,


I have just bought a Thinkpad P1 and noticed a just about discernible lag when typing, which does not bother me that much.


However, two particular keys, the '`' one immediately below the ESC key and the '''' immediately left of the ENTER key, do not show their corresponding output until another key is pressed.


For instance, typing '$x' only shows the ' after the $ character is entered.


This also happens on an external keyboard.


Pictures of the keys are attached.


Anyone had a similar issue, or knows how to solve it? I am using the original Lenovo copy of Windows 10 that came preinstalled.


Thanks in advance!


Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎03-14-2019
Location: PH
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Re: Thinkpad P1 two keys always delayed

False alarm, I have just fixed this myself. It had nothing to do with the hardware keyboard or driver. It was a 'typing aid' feature of Windows 10 to allow characters with accents, diacritics and other decorations to appear as a combination of those two particular keys plus the desired character.


Thing is, I have a US keyboard and I use my PC for development so I hardly ever need those function.


The issue was appearing because I had chosen the keyboard associated to my language to be 'United States-International' instead of the default 'US'.

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