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Blue Screen Again
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Thinkpad P50: Fn key changed way of working

Hi all!


I have a Thinkpad P50, running windows 7 SP1. My problem is that, the way of working of the Fn key has changed from one to the other day (I have not downloaded any kind of updates).


Earlier I just pressed the Fn key to activate/deactivate the function mode, the led in the Esc key turned on/off and was ready to use.

Now I can use the secondary functions only with simultaneus pressing, the led does not light on. 

I have tried to changed the settings in windows, but there are only worse options.


I would like it to function as earlier. The NumLock and CapsLock works properly. 


Thank you for any kind of help.




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Re: Thinkpad P50: Fn key changed way of working

Sounds like maybe the "Fn sticky key" option in the BIOS has changed from what you originally had it.


Boot the machine and press ENTER (or F1) repeatedly when you see the Lenovo logo, to enter the BIOS setup utility.  Then select the CONFIG tab, navigate down to the "keyboard/mouse" category, and then select the "Fn sticky key" option, and set ENABLED or DISABLED as you want.




You should also review the F1-F12 option, and the Fn/CTRL-swap option.




Then press F10 to save your BIOS settings and exit.

Token Ring
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Re: Thinkpad P50: Fn key changed way of working

The whole Fn-key issue reverting to media keys is a joke. For the last 4+ years, I set in BIOS the default boot up to the Fn key function, not the Lenovo mandated default media keys that some gamer decided would be the proper choice.


After setting the Fn keys to function the way they are supposed to work, as F1, F2, F3 etc, each time (about every 3-5 days of booting up), somehow the keys revert to the media keys.  PROOF THAT THIS W540 & 541 were not designed as a REAL workstation, but a web surfing toy.


My concern, is that someone is able to go into the BIOS and change the settings.  Could that be some nation that controls and watches my system, and has a back door to control my LENOVO W540 and W541????  It does say 'made in ....."


Any hint how to solve this reverting back to the media keys after several reboots????



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