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Blue Screen Again
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Thinkpad P52 External Display on MiniDP / DisplayPort

This model is with Xeon CPU, Quadro P2000 graphics card and 1080 screen. The model of the monitor is Dell U2713HM. 


When I connect my P52 to this dell monitor via a miniDP to Displayport cable, the monitor model is recognized in "Nvidia control panel" and "Display settings" of Windows, but in Display setting it shows "second display is not active". The screen remains black with a floating window: "no signal received". 


Attempts so far: 

- In BIOS, I tried switching the graphics option from "hybrid" to "discrete", and set the start-up delay to 10 seconds. When I restart, the start-up Lenovo logo and the BIOS interface is displayed on the external Dell monitor. However, as the machine enters windows, the external display goes black (and so does the laptop display, until I unplug the cable). 


- Also, I tried the miniDP to DP cable on other machines and the same screen. Works fine. 


- When the laptop is connected to the same screen via a miniDP to DVI-D connector and a DVI-D cable, the Dell display works, regardless of whether I am in "discrete" or "hybrid status". However, I need to set "customize resolution"  in the Nvidia control panel to "2560x1440 40Hz" manually. (Dell display should work at 2560x1440 @ 60Hz, but it does not). Anyway, it shows that the miniDP port is not broken.  


- The monitor works alright when connected to Lenovo D20, a desktop computer that I use, with either DVI-D or DisplayPort. 


- The Nvidia driver version is 419.67. 


The above behavior looks like a compatibility issue for me. Did I miss any drivers? How shall I fix this? 

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