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Thinkpad Thunderbolt 3 Workstation Dock - fresh pictures

Thinkpad Thunderbolt 3 Workstation Dock


Model name: 40AN0230EU

Link (US version)


I didn't find any decent pictures and or specs about this dock for the P series workstations, so here you are some pictures.

It has a special combined cable, that allows to attach the powercable and the Thunderbolt cable in one.


On the P1, P52, and P72, the sockets for the power adapter and the Thunderbolt are arranged the same way that the cable can plug in exactly. This is a simple and clever solution I think.


The dock arrives with:

  • 230 W power adapter (which is for the P72 necessary, the P52 and P1 can use smaller ones), and I think is a simple pass-through from the dock to the laptop.
  • 65W power adapter - which is for powering the dock itself



  • The dock's cable is only 60 cm long, so there is not enough length to hide the dock (I think this is related to display data on Thunderbolt - can someone confirm?)
  • And that the cable can be plugged in in one direction, so it will determine how the laptop and dock can be positioned relative to each other


  1. USB: 5
  2. Thunderbolt: 2
  3. Audio: 1
  4. Network: 1
  5. Lock: 1

List price is 392€ in Belgium.


2018-12-08 09.10.01_FHD.jpg2018-12-08 09.10.10_FHD.jpg2018-12-08 09.10.18_FHD.jpg2018-12-08 09.11.14_FHD.jpg2018-12-08 09.15.41_FHD.jpg


2018-12-08 09.24.11_FHD.jpg

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