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Thinkpad W520 LCD ripples

Hi all! I'm a new Thinkpad user and I've got to say, the Thinkpad experience is great. It's refreshing to come to a laptop with more features and better accessibility compared to other laptop brands. I love that nearly every inch of my Thinkpad is easy to get to and fix if something goes wrong.


That said, I've been having screen issues lately. Smiley Frustrated Basically, every time I move the Thinkpad off my lap and onto my bed, the screen slightly ripples in the middle. Like this, except it occurs towards the lower middle half of the screen. Gently pressing on the bezels of the screen (left and right) also cause ripples in the same area (lower middle half)--maybe this is supposed to happen, since you're deliberately pressing against the screen.


Moving the screen up or down also makes the ripple occur. I always move my screen back and forth as gently and firmly as I can--with both hands gripping either side of the screen. But even when I'm being super careful, the screen still ripples.


Tapping the back of the screen ever so slightly also causes ripples. Now that's what's worrying me the most. A gentle, slight tap shouldn't cause ripples on the screen, surely. The ripples get BIG if I tap the lower middle of the Thinkpad's lid.


I can't say that I've noticed this behaviour before. It seems to have started just recently. I removed the screen's plastic frame and cleaned the sides of the LCD, thinking that something was stuck between the frame and the LCD, but doing so didn't stop the ripples.


Any ideas as to what could be causing the ripples? I'm willing to disassemble the screen if necessary. I'd just like to solve the issue once and for all. Could the LCD be damaged?


I can take a video if further details are needed.

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