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Fanfold Paper
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Thinkpad W530 fresh Install issue

So, I've got this brand new Thinkpad W530 w/Win 7 Pro... and I installed a larger hard drive (1 TB partitioned into two drives) so I could do a fresh Windows install like I've done numerous times before with no issues at all.

This time tho, I get Windows installed and updated... and then it starts shutting itself down saying Windows has recovered from an unexpected error and the error is "Bluescreen".  After the first install seeing this, I removed the drive and started all over again from scratch... and it's doing it again.  Othere than this it seems to perform perfectly.

So, I still had the original hard drive... and I put that back in and so far it isn't doing this.  I'm probably going to return the laptop and ask for an exchange, but I was just curious if anybody had any thoughts about what may be causing this?

I had yet to get to the Lenovo update software which I use sparingly since I don't want a bunch of bloatware.  I normally allow it to update the bios and video drivers.  Think I need to do that?

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Re: Thinkpad W530 fresh Install issue

I  recently did a full Win7 reinstall from scratch as well, after replacing my oriignal 512GB spinner drive with a 512GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD drive (partitioned into 8 partitions... because it's a long story).


I normally would not use Lenovo's System Update to "manage" my system, but it's not really bad to have it available and run it occasionally (regardless of whether or not you actually let it update things). I actually do my own regular maintenance, periodically checking the Lenovo driver site for the W530 for applicable updates.


Same with some of the other Lenovo system utilities. I install them, but essentially never use them.


Anyway, my full reinstall-from-scratch includes running the following downloaded installers from Lenovo.  I use the latest Intel versions of the chlpset utility and the USB 3.0 XHCI driver rather than Lenovo's.


I actually don't use Optimus with my K1000M.  I have set the BIOS to discrete graphics, with Optimus disabled.  I then install the native nVidia retail graphics driver for the Quadro K1000M (332.76 is the current latest version).




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Re: Thinkpad W530 fresh Install issue

Since it doesn't bluescreen with your original HD, but it does so with the new one, don't you think the problem lies in the new HD or it's partitioning? Which program did you use to partition your HD?


The Lenovo ThinkVantage System Update is the only source for driver updates I use on my W520, and it will not download any bloatware. It will only offer up the ThinkVantage tools, which many are quite essential, like the Power Manager, Fingerprint Software, Active Protection etc, and I consider the System Update utility absolutely mandatory for all my Thinkpads.

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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Thinkpad W530 fresh Install issue

I had also installed new RAM and it dawned on me that this only happened after the new RAM had been installed... so, I put the original 8 gigs of RAM back in (I had upgraded it to 16gigs) and it seems to be just fine now and has not displayed that error again.

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