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Thinkpad W540, Model 20BG001EMD (4 cores) is unable to wake from sleep and hibernation

After disassembly and reassembly, my W540 is now unable to wake up from sleep and Hibernate (the reason for the repair was the fan being blocked because of some dirt inside it).
Status: Everything works perfect except wake up from sleep and hibernation.
The computer boots correctly from a cold boot.
This situation started immediately after the reassembly. All cables have been mounted and cleaned using contact rinse spray.
The issue:
A: It´s not possible to wake the computer from sleep or hibernate using the keyboard.
B: After wake up from sleep or hibernation – the computer never gets into normal mode.
After hibernation - pressing power button or opening the lid - constant green light in the power button, the fan runs shortly, Thinkpad logo on the screen, Windows logo – and then nothing happens. The screen are not completely black, it´s grey (back-light). The only thing to do now is to press and hold the on button until the computer is forced down and then make a cold boot.
After sleep – opening the lid or pressing on-button: The fan starts shortly and nothing happens. The green light in the on – button continues flashing slowly.
I have tried almost everything.
Power options were reset to default.
BIOS were already the latest version (v. 2.40).
BIOS settings were reset to default.
System Update, everything is ok.
BIOS – boot changed to UEFI only.
Display driver removed completely.
Lenovo Solution Center: I har done the comprehensive tests several times, OK. After doing ten quick tests, three of them showed me a memory error: Quick Random Pattern Test, please see result:
Display Name Physical memory
Physical memory 16.000 GB
Index 0
Manufacturer Kingston
Speed 1600 MHz
Size 8.000 GB
Part Number 9905428-427.A00LF
Serial 1032938B
Type DDR3
Index 1
Manufacturer Kingston
Speed 1600 MHz
Size 8.000 GB
Part Number 9905428-427.A00LF
Serial 10329C8B
Type DDR3
Quick random pattern test Failed

I made a cold boot, entered the Startup Interrupt Menu, F10 – diagnose hardware.
A quick memory test and an extended memory test (this one lasted for three hours) were performed – everything OK
Computer were booted using one RAM module one, I have tried booting with RAM modules one and RAM module 2.
BIOS, graphics were changed from 256 to 512MB.
After wake from hibernation: W540 does not respond to ping, so the OS is not running behind the scenes.
BIOS downgraded from ver. 2.40 til ver. 2.32. Same situation.
Uninstalled VPN. Same situation.
Replaced the disk, made a complete new installation of Windows 10. System Update, everything were installed. Windows Updated.
Same situation.
So – what is the problem with my computer?
As I wrote earlyer, everything works perfectly except wakening from sleep and hibernation.
Is it the three memory errors (after performing ten tests), that is causing the problem?
Or is it something else?


Best regards Soeren Jensen

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Thinkpad W540, Model 20BG001EMD (4 cores) is unable to wake from sleep and hibernation

If you can't wake from sleep or hibernation that might mean you have memory problems and your report says the "Quick random pattern test Failed". During sleep the memory is put in "low power mode" while during hibernation the memory data is saved to HDD or SSD. Sometimes doing service work without taking enough precaution may result in bad memory installation or even worse - you might get some ESD damage.
You can try these steps and see if they help at your own risk (assuming you are sure you have done your reassembly in a proper way -> proper cable connections and no alien objects on the PCBs or IC's pins):
1. Disconnect the power cord and battery pack.
2. Open the small door on the bottom where is the wifi card located, disconnect the CMOS battery and press the small switch near it for a few seconds (this should reset the timer and CMOS chips), leave the battery disconnected.
3. Open the large door on the bottom and remove the DDR modules, check their connectors and blow them with "Super dust" can to ensure there are no alien objects inside them, check and clean DDR memory connector pins.
4. Install the DDR memory modules, connect the CMOS battery, connect the power cord and press the power button; wait, it may take a while until the bios checks the system and boots, then you will get an error message that the system time is corrupt and bios default settings will be loaded.
5. Get inside the bios and enter proper date and time, run the UEFI system check utility and see if you get any memory errors. If there are no memory errors then you can boot windows and try if sleep and hibernate functions work, if you get any UEFI test to fail then try replacing the module.
Good luck!

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