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Thinkpad W700 On Screen Display Volume and Brightness Missing: SOLVED

I recently upgraded my W700 to a clean Win7 Pro x64 install, downloaded the latest Win7 drivers from the Lenovo website, and did a manual install of all of them. Mostly there were no problems, however the OSD for mute, volume up/down, and brightness did not work.


Here is the page for the Hotkey Features Integration package, which contains the OSD program:


Hotkey Features Integration for Windows 8 (32-bit, 64-bit), 7 (32-bit, 64-bit), Vista (32-bit, 64-bi...


The problem appears to be a bug in latest version of the OSD program, for the W700. I collected data on the various versions of the OSD utility; see below (I have used the overall package version as a reference, although the OSD program itself has a different version).


Here is the fix:


1) Install the latest Hotkey Features Integration package. This gets the latest other packages, plus a broken version of OSD.

2) Manually uninstall the OSD program (in Control Panel:Uninstall); reboot.

3) Download and install the Hotkey Features Integration package version 3.85.0000. This is last version which works fully with the W700. Run the package installer, the run the installer itself. Make sure that only the OSD component is selected; run setup; reboot.


That should fix it. It appears that the bug also exists in Win XP.


Here is the info I have on the various versions:


3.33.0002 - OSD Works with W700
3.81.0100 - OSD Works with W700
3.84.2000 - OSD Works with W700
3.85.0000 - OSD Works with W700 <<=== LATEST VERSION THAT WORKS === (OSD version 6.67.50)
3.86.0000 - OSD Works, except Fn-F5 broken, With W700
3.89.0100 - OSD Broken with W700

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