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Blue Screen Again
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Thinkpad p70: when enabling m.2 SSD RAID in BIOS, m.2 drives no longer recognized

I ordered Thinkpad p70 with RAID 1 HDD's and planned on adding aftermarket m.2 drives (Toshiba OCZ RD400) to setup an m.2 SSD RAID 1 array...


First machine they sent failed to recognize m.2 drives.  Now I have a replacement machine with BIOS version 2.08 that will recognize my m.2 drives without a problem, as long as the RAID option in the BIOS is disabled.  As soon as I enable it, it only recognizes the SATA drives and the m.2 drives disappear.  It's strange that when you select m.2 SSD RAID it will only recognize SATA attached drives and allow you to set up a "m.2 SSD" RAID volume with those drives...


Very disappointed I can not setup a hardware RAID array with m.2 drives.  Even more disappointed with phone support... calling in is a nightmare where they just pass you back a forth between warranty (which only deals with hardware issues) and premium software support (which says they 'don't help with BIOS, only things inside Windows').  


Seems like a BIOS bug or some kind of hardware whitelisting... Does anyone else have a similar issue? I'd appreciate any insight on the matter.



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Re: Thinkpad p70: when enabling m.2 SSD RAID in BIOS, m.2 drives no longer recognized

Numerous people have been successful with the P70 using the Samsung SM951 or the Samsung 950 Pro M.2 NVMe drives.


I saw this review on Newegg website about the Toshiba drives in which the OP found that these drives are incompatible with the Intel RST driver.


From Newegg:


The drive is great, very fast, in some areas of speed the drive is faster than the Sam 950 for it's counterpart of GB size.


The drive does not show up on the M2 list of my ASrock, same as years ago when a SSD wouldn't list under the IDE area for drives, but in my UEFI it is listed under the NVMe area and had no problem installing windows 10.

WARNING : The company apparently only wanted to tell people about the positive aspects and left out that these drives have a problem with the RST driver and CAN'T be set into a RAID array.

So buying two for RAID was a waste when I could have bought one larger size.

Other Thoughts:

As a loyal OCZ customer, very upset that the company doesn't post that the drives can't be RAIDED in the specs, so I wanted to post this before anyone makes the same mistake.

BAD OCZ, very BAD.

I just might give them away and buy the 950's, seeing how I have run raid for the last 10 years. I even injected the 15 series RST EFI Driver into my UEFI, but for no reason as I can't use it.

P70 XEON 1505, BIOS 2.31, UHD 4k Display, 64GB non-ECC RAM, M3000M NVIDIA GPU, RAID 1 512GB Samsung 951 PCIe-NVMe SSD x 2, 2x Samsung 850 Pro 1TB SSD. EM7455 WWAN
P1. BIOS 1.23,Xeon Processor, 32GB, PM981 1TB x 2, RAID 1
T470s, 16GB RAM, BIOS 1.10, i7-7500, WQHD display, 512GB PM961 PCIe NVMe SSD

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