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Thinkpad w541 water damaged keyboard

HI everybody,

I accidentally spilled sugared tea on the keyboard and nothing but sticky keys happened. This bothered me because sometimes was not a problem and sometimes the space bar for instance was hard to use, this perhaps due to temperature.

I decided to download the Hardware manual, and assisted by it, I removed the keyboard and trackpad so as to clean them. 

The keys got cleaned decently, so as the trackpad. I noticed that one not-in-use connector at right of the trackpad connector had a little drop in three or four wires on it's back side, but I could clean it decently too.

When I finally assembled it and started the machine, the keyboard didn't work, not even a single key. The Fn and F2 led lights were on, and the F4 led was on but dimmed. After checking the connections several times, finally not a single led on the keys remained on.

The final outcome came later when I found out that the speakers started an impossible to stop sound similar to the busy tone of a phone, but a little faster in pace. Audio works fine, but this tone is superimposed, reacts to volume adjustment, but I cannot find a way to shut it up.

Does anyone has a clue on what is happening?

Does anyone advices to buy a spare keyboard or is there a way to check if I may have ruined a different component and the keyboard is not the only problem?

Many thanks in advance!

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Re: Thinkpad w541 water damaged keyboard

Sugared tea is bad.  The tea is acidic and the sugar is conductive.  It also leaves a residue that is nearly impossible to clean.  Sorry, but my guess is that you shorted something out on the motherboard.


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