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This is how I solved fan issue on my P50!

My P50 used to run very silent, but it started to fire fan time to time even when it was idle. The fan could rotate with max speed when I had just one VM with dGPU. It was so disturbing when I wanted to backup entire computer into external storage at night. Imagine you want to sleep but fan kick in just for a simple backup! I though that might  be normal for a old device due to lots of dust cover the fan over time...


I know there is a option at lenovo settings to force P50 run silence mode but it dont work as expected. I think new drivers somehow lost support for that feature.


The issue did not go away when I rest windows and I installed all drivers from Lenovo site. Few weeks ago I reset windows one more time, but I had no time to install Lenovo drivers and software. All drivers got updated by windows out of the box. I noticed fan no longer kick in even when I run multiple VMs with dGPU. Now my P50 run in total silent and I am very happy! Everything works out of the box with drivers from windows update. Including WWAN and dGPU panel and wifi and Bluetooth. 


There should be something wrong at one of drivers for P50 but I am not sure which driver cause the problem, and I have no desire to test because what else I want? I am now happy with my silent P50 without any extra rubbish software!



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