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Trouble Booting my W700

Trying to do a normal startup I get the ThinkPad screen then a bunch of numbers ending with

"try(fdo) invalid or null

cannoth find GRLDR" Then a count down begins and goes to 0 and stays there and stops doing anything. I have tried all sorts of things by pushing keys including the blue ThinkVantage button and going into some of its options but nothing seems to work. I finally got it to start today by pushing esc after a whole bunch of other keys. Lenovo Solution Center's Hardware Scan did its scan and found nothing wrong.

Does anyone have a clue re what to do?

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Re: Trouble Booting my W700

Sorry you are having this problem.


My guess is that you have an issue with the hard drive -- more specifically, the boot sector is probably flaky.


If your boot drive is the original, it is perhaps 5 to 7 years old and likely a Seagate of a generation known to have unreasonably high failure rates.


You can test this easily by booting from known-good alternative media (a USB stick or CD/DVD--even the first disk from an OS distribution media set).  If the problem does not surface at that point and you can reliably boot, I'd suggest that you use Spinrite on the drive (Gibson Research and available as a download) which may correct the problem.  I would then backup the entire drive and restore contents to a new one.  Clearly, if you already have a recent backup, use it.


My preferred spinners are the HGST 7200 rpm 1 TB ones (about $60), but since SSD's are plentiful and afforable, you might take the opportunity to upgrade.








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