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USB 3.0 Bootable Drive or Bootable SD Card

Due to a serial validation failure of PS CS6 and Adobe's support loging into the system to try to fix the validation issue, I would like tp carry with me a bootable device to restore the system (I use True Image).


Any experience with a working USB 2 or 3 device as boot, and can I use the SD card slot to boot with a 128gb card?


I do not need the instructions on making the device bootable, just which has been tested as working.


I bought an early Sandisk Cruzer, only to find out from Sandisk it cannot be made bootable... but Sandisk claims the newer Cruzers are bootable.  Only the early production is not bootable . . . . but there is no outward mention on the box or USB key of the difference.


I'm thinking Lexar (=Crucial =Micron Technology)



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Re: USB 3.0 Bootable Drive or Bootable SD Card

I have a 32GB Sandisk Cruzer with all Windows editions in my computer bag at all times, It's just formatted in NTFS, and then I drop the contents of the Windows ISOs in their respective folder and leave the content of the one I want to boot in the root of the drive. Perfectly bootable.


Then I have a couple of 8GB Cruzers, one MBR FAT32 Fedora 20 x64 and the other GPT HFS+ MacOSX Lion, both perfectly bootable.


I also have a 32GB TDK MicroSD that I have a full working Fedora 20 installation on, and on most later machines, I can boot the machine with it and thus use it to troubleshoot the main hard drive.


For your Cruzer, you can check the Bootable switch on it in gParted.


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