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Just found last night... my laptop cooler with USB is still working after I shut down the laptop. But it will not be working if I plug out the 135w charger. Is it normal or not?


I tried on my T61. No such issue...


yellow USB port.jpgThis is normal if you have plugged the cooler into the yellow powered USB port, you can switch this off in the bios menu under USB option. 


See this related KB article on USB ports.














To switch off the 'always on usb' feature, do the following.


1. Enter your bios menu by pressing the F1 button when you see the bootup screen (with intel and Lenovo logo).



2. Select the 'Config' option once you are in the BIOS menu.



3. Select 'USB' option


4. Then you are presented with options to disable or enable the 'Always on USB' feature.




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