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Ultrabay Disk Caddy - excellent and cheap


Hi, guys,


   I just received and installed this Ultrabay caddy:


cheap and good UB caddy


    It holds the disk very securely, and it fits flush, no gaps, matches the color of the Thinkpad, and has a nice little blue LED activity light. All of this for $12 shipped. I didn't bother to bid, just clicked "buy it now". They shipped it immediately.


    I also own the Lenovo version, which has the gap, and doesn't hold the disk as firmly.


    There is no need to spend $60+ on a caddy in my view. Many thanks to @OrElm for the heads up!


                                                                    Best, ZZ

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Re: Ultrabay Disk Caddy - excellent and cheap

Yeah I ordered one too, from the same company, but for the W510 (not sure if they're any different).


These caddies won't reduce the performance of an SSD right? It says "SATA" but not "SATA II," "SATA III," etc. I assume the connector isn't specific to any speed. Is that correct?

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Re: Ultrabay Disk Caddy - excellent and cheap

Chiming in on this one:


Also very cheap, and also quite good. Fit and finish is excellent; as I would expect from Lenovo directly in fact. Extremely lightweight which is of course a plus in a mobile system. Has a blue activity LED as these photos demonstrate:


Testing has been done with my 20GB Samsung HM020GI drive that I use for testing purposes. Cannot vouch for long-term reliability, but at the end of the day, it's a molded plastic SATA connector - what can go wrong with it?

It may or may not be the exact same as the one in the OP. Looks like there are probably a couple of generic manufacturers and there are tons of these things floating around out there.


(at time of purchase, this was the cheapest price+shipping option to Canada - best to search eBay appropriately and set the search results list to Price+Shipping, Cheapest First. If you need it quick, perhaps shipping from HK is not the best bet, but I ordered this before I even had the computer so speed was not an issue for me)

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Re: Ultrabay Disk Caddy - excellent and cheap

Hey ZipZap,
Any chance you can upload some photos for comparison? Mine isn't that great and the LED doesn't work..Thanks
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