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Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎11-29-2011
Location: USA
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Re: W-series shipping thread - 2011 edition

[ Edited ]

Date Ordered: 11/20/2011

Estimated Shipping Date: 11/30/2011


Everything seemed fine until I checked the status today. It still reads "In Process," but now the Estimated Shipping Date is blank. No date is listed. What should I do?



       0B06461  SBB INCOI7-2760QM2.40GHZ8MB    
       45M3090  VBB GENUWIN7PROFES.64    
       0A68625  SBB GW7P64 E    
       0A68535  SBB 15.6FHD (1900 X 1080) LED    
       0A68894  SBB NVQ2000M GR    
       45M4572  VBB 4GBPC3-10600DDR3 1333SODMM    
       45M4839  SBB KEYBOARDUS ENGLISH    
       0A68526  VBB FINGERPRINT READER    
       0A68558  SBB 720P HD CAM INT MICR    
       0A69620  SBB I RAID-NOT EN    
       0A68553  SBB 500GB HDD7200RPM    
       0A68529  VBB ECS+4IN1CR    
       45M4816  SBB 9CELLLI-ION BATTERY    
       0A68904  SBB CPNAMLC+ 170W AC AD    
       0A68261  SBB BLUETOOTH 3.0    
       45M4804  SBB IN.CENT.ULTIMATE-N 6300    
       0A68564  SBB LANG PCK US E    
       0A68537  SBB FINGRPRNT READER    



Paper Tape
Posts: 6
Registered: ‎11-29-2011
Location: USA
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Re: W-series shipping thread - 2011 edition

[ Edited ]

Contacted Lenovo, they said it would ship by the end of the day yesterday. Checked again today, Shipping info was updated. Now it's not going to ship till 12/23/2011, more than 3 weeks after their original estimate, 11/30/2011. Is anyone else having problems with delays? Should I call Lenovo again?


Edit: Contacted Lenovo again, representative confirmed a shipping date of 12/3. Hopefully he'll be right.

Bit Torrent
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Re: W-series shipping thread - 2011 edition



I ordered another W520 in the third week of November but because I specified the 500GB HDD the expected ship date was pushed to the middle of March 2012.


Lenovo, fix your purchasing process at  Let customers know up front about delays.

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Registered: ‎11-07-2011
Location: Canada
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Re: W-series shipping thread - 2011 edition




I agree Lenovo should provide more accurate shipping details, à la Dell.  I am sure they lose customers due to long shiiping estimates, perhaps they are being over cautious. 


btw I don't think the 500gb drives are in short supply, esp the Seagates that Lenovo uses.


I had ordered mine with the same 500gb drive on Nov 11 and received it in about two weeks, please see my config here.


PS  I am quite happy with the drive, it's fast and very quiet. I have the same model (but 320gb) in a Dell for a past two years that runs continuously for days at a time with no issues. I am waiting a few months to eventually install an msata as a boot drive once prices come down or they are available in a larger size.



W520 (4270 CTO) | i7-2820QM (8mb cache) | BIOS 1.40 | 1920x1080 FHD | Sensor |
Hybrid Seagate 750gb | 16 GB 1333 mHz RAM | 2000M NVIDIA GPU 2gb | Ultimate-N 6300 | Windows 7 Professional (64-bit)
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Re: W-series shipping thread - 2011 edition

My order was sent in on november 28th and the estimated delivery was on december 15th. Instead it was processed on december 2nd and i received the laptop on december 7th. I was very impressed with the time in between placing the order and having the laptop in my hands.


Eagan, MN, United States12/07/20112:29 P.M.Delivered
 12/07/20116:07 A.M.Out For Delivery
Eagan, MN, United States12/06/20119:48 P.M.Destination Scan
 12/06/20119:45 P.M.Arrival Scan
Minneapolis, MN, United States12/06/20118:20 P.M.Departure Scan
 12/06/20114:26 P.M.Arrival Scan
Louisville, KY, United States12/06/20113:38 P.M.Departure Scan
 12/06/201110:54 A.M.Import Scan
Louisville, KY, United States12/04/20118:26 A.M.Arrival Scan
Anchorage, AK, United States12/03/201110:20 P.M.Departure Scan
 12/03/20114:28 P.M.Arrival Scan
Shanghai, China12/04/20111:50 A.M.Departure Scan
Shanghai, China12/03/201112:17 A.M.Export Scan
 12/03/201112:11 A.M.Origin Scan
China12/02/201111:52 P.M.Order Processed: Ready for UPS
Lenovo Thinkpad W520 4270CTO - Core i7 2640 - 6GB DDR3 (4gb preconfigured) - 120gb Corsair F120 (2x 500gb RAID preconfigured) - 500gb Seagate momentus (ultrabay)
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Re: W-series shipping thread - 2011 edition