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Blue Screen Again
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[W500] Brightness controls stop working after sleep



I have a W500 (type 4061) on which I'm having troubles with the brightness controls.


After initial startup, I'm able to use Fn+Home and Fn+End to control the brightness. The brightness OSD shows the brightness level as it is being adjusted.


But, occasionally (maybe 25% of the time???), the brightness keys do not work after putting the computer to sleep and waking it up. When this happens, I am able to use the other Fn keys (for example the LED light/PgUp key). It is only the brightness that I've noticed stops working. In addition, the "mobility center" (Win+X), no longer contains the brightness widget.


I've not found any cause as to why brightness controls work sometimes but not other times.


I've set the laptop to use the integrated (Intel) graphics and disable the OS auto-detection of switchable adapters.


I have run the Lenovo update program and believe that all of my software is up to date.


Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks, Nathan

Paper Tape
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Re: [W500] Brightness controls stop working after sleep

Blue Screen Again
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Re: [W500] Brightness controls stop working after sleep



I also have a W500 running Windows 7 64bit, everything was working fine until the last few updates via Lenovo System Update.

Now the brightness control does not seem to be working when returning from sleep.

Really strange, because I have been using the sleep mode for over a year and it was working all the time.


Is there any solution yet?



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