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W500 FireGL V5700 resolution does not appear as selected (1920x1200)



I have the W500 (4061-BK8) with 512MB ATI FireGL V5700 and have disabled Switchable graphics and set graphics adapter to Discrete before installing Windows in the BIOS (after I updated to the latest BIOS)


1) Installed Windows 7 x64

2) Installed recommended Windows Updates and Lenovo System Update Utility 4 and rebooted

    Hotfix for Windows (KB979155)

    Security update for Windows 7 x64 (KB978601, KB979309)

    ATI Mobile Radeon HD 3650

3) System sees ATI Mobile Radeon HD 3650

4) Installed ATI Mobile 8.641.1.1-090824a-089811C-Lenovo from Update Utility
5) System sees ATI Mobility FireGL V5700 and resolution 1920x1200 (but its not)

6) Installed LCD Monitor file for Windows 7 (ver 4.34) and Display shows  Thinkpad Display (1920x1200)

7) Installed all other Windows updates


The system came with Windows XP and resolution at 1920x1200 so I know that the Windows 7 resolution I'm seeing is not 1920x1200 even though Desktop -> Screen resolution is showing Resolution 1920x1200 (recommended).


As displayed, it looks more like 1280x800.  I have tried changing the resolution lower and putting back to 1920x1200 but that didn't help either.


I have also tried installing Windows 7 with both (x86 and x64) and the default BIOS settings and got the same result where the ATI Mobility FireGL V5700 is not a 1920x1200 resolution.


Is it not displaying 1920 X 1200 or is there some other setting that needs to be adjusted? 



Even though the resolution may be correct (1920x1200), if the DPI setting is set to 125% (DPI 120) which is default when you install Windows 7 on a W500. That makes the resolution appear lower than 1920 X1200 . For Windows XP the default DPI is 96 on the W500.


To correct this:


Right click the desktop and select "Screen resolution", then click on "Make text and other items smaller or larger". Check if the DPI settings it set to 125% (120) which i believe might be the case. Change it to 100% (96), logoff and logon again.  The display should now appear sized appropriately for 1920x1200. 100% is equal to 96 pixles per inch and 125% is equal to 120 pixels per inch.



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