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W500 -- No external DVI display from port replicator after upgrading from XP to Windows 7


I recently upgraded my W500 to Windows 7 from XP.  I have everything working fine except for one thing:  When I start up my W500 in the port replicator, I do not get any signal to my external monitor until the Windows logon.  While that may not be an issue for some folks, I have a hard drive password set, and while I can type it in, I have no idea if it is correct or not.  Is there a video display setting in the BIOS that will send a video signal to the external monitor as soon as I power the W500 on?  This was never an issue with XP (external display came right on at power up).





The W500 system supports switchable graphics, but Windows XP does not support switching from the OS dynamicaly - a change requires a system restart.  Windows 7 supports switchable graphics via the OS.  When upgrading from XP to Windows 7, the video drivers and system behavior changes and so changes must be effected in BIOS to set the Video mode to Discrete to use the ATI graphics and enable the DVI connection to obtain external video via DVI before Windows finishes booting up and all the video drivers are loaded.


1) Press F1 on startup to enter the BIOS.

2) In BIOS, under display, change the setting to Discrete

3) Save & exit

4) Restart again - enter BIOS again with F1

5) DVI monitor should now be an available choice listed - select that, save & exit

6) Re-attach the dock and restart - external display should now be present on startup


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