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W500 new order

I ordered W500 online last Friday and am waiting for the shipment... I do have some questions regarding my order since there's no way to reach Lenovo over the weekend. 


1. Vista Ultimate was selected as OS and I believe 32 bit is the version that will be installed. Is it possible to request Lenovo to send me the 64 bit version of DVD for my own upgrade? As far as I know OEM should be able to provide such a thing at no extra cost... 


2. What graphic card will be exactly installed in my system? I did some research and many people complained it's not what's advertized on the website (ATI Mobility FireGL V5700 with 512MB VRAM). Instead it's some hybrid version at a lower level. Is this true?? 


3. I have 3 GB Ram in my new laptop. Is that true the preinstalled 32 bit Ultimate cannot work with over 4 GB Ram? I'm planning to upgrade to 64 Ultimate and is it a good idea for me to order and install some extra Rams now without hurting the 32 bit Ultimate? 



These questions are urgent, can someone please reply so I can talk to Lenovo Monday morning to make any possible changes to my order.    



Punch Card
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Re: W500 new order

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Unless you are running some intense applications that require 4 gigs of memory you will do just fine on the 32 bit version of Vista Ultimate. I have 3 gigs of ram installed and I run MySQL server, IIS, Apache, Dreamweaver, Flash, Toad, Photoshop, Illustrator, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook, Editpad Pro and RegexBuddy all at the same time across two monitors with 1920x resolution. I have the Visual settings of Vista turned off and everything runs great I notice no slow down at all. Also, on my Gateway at 1200 by 800 res I ran Ultimate 32 with all the above applications Plus Open Office and Freemind all open at the same time with a Core Dual 1.6 processor and  2 gigs ram didn't have to much of a slow down after puttig in the 7200 spin drive.


To answer your questions I don't think you can upgrade to 64 bit on the OEM with a Retail CD. I tried doing that and it didn't work here.



Also, I am having a problem with understanding the V5700 also.. but the V5700 contains the other chip from what I understand so it might just be the driver not showing the correct version.  I need clairification on that.

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Punch Card
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Re: W500 new order

Thanks xpnet, I really appreciate your response/comment.


All I heard about Vista Ultimate upgrade is the laptop vender, not Microsoft, should be responsible for that... I'm really expecting Lenovo will provide some way for system re-installed with 32 bit Ultimate to easily upgrade to 64 bit. One thing I do feel certain based on my friend's experience is that, if you have Vista 64 bit OS (like Business 64 bit) pre-installed in my W500, you'll have no problem upgrading to Ultimate 64. Anyway, I'll definitely bring this up to Lenovo tomorrow to see what they say.


My biggest concern is still the graphic card. It could be scary if you don't get what you pay for... Any compromise would be a shame/scandal on companies like Lenovo. I'm sure Lenovo has seen many complains about this issue... At least they can officially publish some clarification in a timely manner, can they? 


Will keep the status posted.    

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