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W500 w/Intel Wifi 5100 AGN compatible w/802.11n ?

I have a W500 (i.e. product type 4058), with an Intel 5100 Wifi Link 5100 AGN adapter, running Vista 64 SP2 currently running 802.11G. I want to replace my current router with an "802.11N" but want to know whether my current laptop configuration will enable this change to wireless "N".


Can anyone advise me whether I can:

        a) upgrade my router only (i.e. to N)....with the current laptop config ?

        b) upgrade my router and upgrade this laptop hardware internally to "N" ?? (is this possible or cost prohibitive ?)

        c) or is my only alternative to upgrade the router and purchase a Lan Adapter card for this laptop ???


(Note: I have suspicions that my laptop will NOT allow wireless "N" because after updating the 5100 adapter with the most current driver from Lenovo (i.e., dated 1/13/2020), I find that this drivers' properties only provide wireless a, b, and g protocol choices for "N" choice is available.) I am not sure whether this laptop's configuration is not capable of "N" or whether some driver and/or parameter is incorrectly set. Does anyone know for certain????

(Incidentally, I have also updated this laptop with all required Microsoft Vista and Lenovo 64 bit SP2 drivers.)


Thank you for your help.



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Re: W500 w/Intel Wifi 5100 AGN compatible w/802.11n ?

Drc123, the Intel 5100 card does support 802.11n at both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, but isn't a very strong performer. For more info, see the following FAQ:

I've seen websites that mention other Intel WiFi cards -- what about those cards?

What is 802.11n WiFi, and why is it any better than the older 802.11b or g WiFi?

I have an HP or Lenovo netbook -- can I swap a better WiFi card into it?


If you're NOT able to use the Intel 5100 card to connect to an 802.11n router that's sitting next to you, then you probably have a driver issue. Good luck!

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