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I have a W510 with the 135W AC Adapter and wanted to know if other AC adapters such as a generic 150W AC Adapter will fit the ThinkPad.


 The compatible Lenovo AC adapter is a 135W AC Adapter, which is part # 55Y9317 in the US. For international references, please click on the following link:  International Part Numbers (AC Adapters)


Please note that the ThinkPad may not detect a generic adapter properly. The central pin from the 135watt_power_adapter.jpggeneric adapter sometimes will not give the right signal to the laptop power management firmware. This can be verified in ThinkVantage Power Manager where  it may display the generic 150W adapter as 90W.


This is a common problem with generic power adapters so it is recommended that users stick with the 135W AC Adapter.

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