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Paper Tape
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Re: W510 Fan Noise

you are spot on about that. I simply hate lenovo and in short product made in China.


I mean come on you are paying so much & they can't do basic test... fire the employee ..okay that way my anger..


now the solution is to send the damm computer back & don't send for repair if you are inside 21 days return policy.

Punch Card
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Re: W510 Fan Noise


bvanskiver wrote:

I just got my W510 a couple of days ago and the fan is constantly making a lot of noise. I have a T61p that is nearly silent when it is on. Does anyone have a W510 that runs quietly or is this normal?

It is not normal.  The W510 should be relatively quiet but it will never be as silent at the T61p. 


What's DOS?
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Re: W510 Fan Noise

I have the same problem. The fan is on ALL the time even when I run very light apps such as web browsing, MS word, Skype, Yahoo messenger... I opened up a case and the IT department asked me to bring the laptop to their office so they can replace the fan. After, they replaced the fan, there is no different. The technician told me "It is normal for i7 processor to act like that because i7 create a large amount of heat" I think it makes sense. However, they should invent a better solution for this. It really annoying me.

What's DOS?
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Re: W510 Fan Noise

I bought my new W510 a few months ago and also experiencing this fan issue. It is constantly running at all times even when the machine is sitting idle. It is quite annoying especially knowing the price I paid for the highest spec available. I think it is a combination of the i7 processor and the poor choice of fan along with bad design of the fan outlet. I would put it at the back (next to the power) at least so that it would be so loud for my ears.

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