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Paper Tape
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W510 HDD Caddy

Ok, so I have a W510, and ordered a HDD Caddy.  The box that the unit came in has 43N3412 written on it, but the actual Caddy has art number 43N3429.  It's not that big of a deal if they are the same part, but here's my issue...


1.  There is a HUGE gap at the top and bottom of the caddy which makes it look like it was never meant to be installed on this model.


2.  Whenever I carry my laptop sideways with the Bay facing down (going between meeting rooms, etc) the drive disconnects.  In order to see the drive again, I have to put pressure on it as if I am inserting the caddy into my laptop again.


So, either this is not the correct caddy that was sent to me, or I have an issue with the case on my laptop in which the "catches" are not doing their job. (This does not happen with the DVD RW that came with the unit).


Does anyone have one of these caddies working, and staying connected when you laptop is on its side?  If so, can you verify my part number against yours? 






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Re: W510 HDD Caddy


Hi same2you,


The 43N3412 is the Serial ATA Hard Drive Bay Adapter III (Ultrabay Slim 9.5mm) and it's listed under accessories for the W510, but the W510 actually got a bay with the height of 12.7mm. So this would fit perfectly for the W500 that got a bay with the height of 9.5mm, but for the W510 there will be a gap like you describe. I believe the 43N3429 is the sparepart number of the same product.


I cannot find a 12.7mm drive bay adapter from Lenovo and i don't think Lenovo ever offered a full-height 12.7mm bay adapter. If they will offer a 12.7mm drive bay adapter because of the new thinkpad models in the close future i don't know. I have seen 12.7mm drive bay adapters from ebay and other places for the T510/W510, but never seen any from Lenovo. If you google for something like "T510 drive bay adapter 12.7mm" you should find it.


Whether or not the disconnect issue you describe is correct or not i don't know, but i find it hard to believe that's the way it should work. Since it's listed under accessories for the W510 i would except that it at least work fine with the gap, but i also find it strange that Lenovo doesn't offer a drive bay adapter that fit with the new Thinkpads.


Maybe someone else can provide some more info about your disconnect problem, but i don't think Lenovo currently got a 12.7mm drive bay adapter.



Paper Tape
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Re: W510 HDD Caddy

It's an outrage Lenovo sells this as a W520 bay adapter for a such a pricey notebook. Engineers so incompetent (T510 has been around for more than a year) or are they so like "**bleep** the customers"? I will buy an adapter from Newmodeus, but it will be my last Lenovo product I have ever bought.

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