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What's DOS?
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W510 Poor body,Poor support

I got my w510 in Jan 11, it was my dream to use such machine,when I saw the body of w510,it was very disappointing,


1, The battery does not properly fixed in slot,its moving.

2. The screen remains  uneven when closed.

3.Dvd drive is not fitted properly,

4. Overall body is not properly fitted,it's loose fitting.


Laptops are for movablity,the must be rock solid,I have dell xp no part is moving,no unwante sound,




1.within 1 month it started hanging,during minimum use of  Graphic applications, the video playing stopped.


       when I went to service centre for such complains,they told all machines have same body problems so nothing can be done, and they simply formatted my machine without knowing about OS platform and loaded Win-7 32 bit,actually it was 64 bit.

What a careless support and service?


any Idea,help can I get?



Paper Tape
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Re: W510 Poor body,Poor support

first of all the loose part or anything like that inside 21 days...return but that is not an option.


Yes service center are joke most of the time apart from replacing motherboard and things like that. Most of the them are worthless idoits working & has no knowledge or understanding that people depend on this machine for work.


First of try to ungrade all the drivers (graphic card driver problem went away after upgrade for many on this forum)


Here is the link for latest driver

Punch Card
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Re: W510 Poor body,Poor support

The problems you are having with the construction puzzles me, my W510 is solid, my guess is that the palmrest is not properly mounted.


The crashing issues are more than likely the same as discribed here:

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