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W510 - System hang in Win 7 loading page when machine docked.


Why is my W510 hangs at Win 7 loading page when the machine is docked?


If you are using a 3rd party GPU driver downloaded from 3rd party site other than Lenovo, do uninstall the 3rd party GPU driver and do a reboot before installing the GPU driver from Lenovo site.

**Do ensure the following before flashing the BIOS**


  • Cold boot / reboot first
  • Do not run any application before flashing BIOS
  • Ensure you have AC adapter and battery pack
  • Remove the Power-on password prior to updating the BIOS in the RDM (Remote Deployment Manager) or similar environment.
  • Do not switch off / standby / hibernate until the process has been completed.


Follow the steps provided below.

  1. Download the BIOS to the latest version via link
  2. Either via CD or executable file
  3. Once BIOS updates has been completed, it will prompt you to reboot the machine.


  1. Download the GPU driver to the latest version via link
  2. Open the executable file and follow the instuctions
  3. Once GPU driver update has been completed, do reboot the machine.

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