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My ThinkPad W510 is unable to wake up from "Sleep" or "Hibernate" - it won't resume from standby.  What can I try to troubleshoot this?


Update to the latest BIOS via Link


If the problem persists even after updating the BIOS to 1.27 (BIOS ID 6Nxxxxxx-based computer's version number.) or 1.32 (BIOS ID 6Lxxxxxx-based computer's version number.) or later.  Update to the latest version of power management drivers. 


Try to exclude potential conflicts from additional memory that has been added.


Remove any 3rd party RAM and use only Lenovo recommended RAM or Default RAM and test if the W510 is able to wake up properly. Check memory config if using multiple modules, and confirm that matched speed memory is being used.  See W510 Community KB memory config tip


Contact service if the symptoms remain after confirming BIOS and power management are at the latest level, and that memory is of the correct type and properly installed.

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I am running bios 1.34 and only the factory RAM.  I get this problem about 3 times a week on my W510.




My W541 came configured to sleep when no activity for 20 minutes.  In  the control  panel, search for sleep  and you may be able to change when it sleeps in windows 7 pro (downgraded from 10).