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I have a  W510 and am quite pleased with it so far, but I have one issue that I've determined to be related to the power profiles.  When using any energy-saving power profile while running off battery power, when I have a flash website (e.g. Nvidia's homepage) open in IE or Chrome or if I move any window around the screen enough, some kind of strange pixel checkering occurs constantly when the screen has too much activity.  It's as if every other pixel gets shifted over by one making what looks like a checkerboard out of all the pixels on the screen.  I can still read the screen, but it makes my head spin.


If I choose the standard 'Max Performance' power profile, the issue doesn't manifest when running on the battery.  If I choose any of the others or create my own profile to mimic the Max Performance profile, I still get the checkers.  It still manifests if I go through and turn off all power-saving options or increase the brightness of the backlight.  If I start with the Max Performance profile and adjust it to my needs, the problem doesn't occur.  Something tells me that the performance profile has something subtly different than all the others and it's not a configurable setting.


 Should I upgrade my Nvidia drivers from version 188.25, which came with the machine? This seems like a power management issues more than an Nvidia driver issue.


I should also add that I don't have the issue while running on the AC adapter.  Also if I take a screenshot while the pixel shifting occurs, the screenshot is crisp and clear with no signs of the pixel problem. 




This issue is resolved with an updated Nvidia video driver which can be downloaded from the Lenovo Support Site.

While later versions may continue to be released, these symptoms were resolved by the follow version. 


NVidia discrete driver for Windows 7 (32-bit)

NVidia discrete driver for Windows 7 (64-bit)


Version /

  • [Important] Removed nView Desktop Manager application from this package. Refer to the Notes section for more information.
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue where the Eizo monitor with the Audio over DisplayPort support had blank screen when attaching it to the computer.
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue where a DisplayPort monitor attached the Docking Station had blank screen when resuming normal operation from sleep state after entering sleep state and then attaching the computer to a Docking Station.
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue where some LCD screen had blurred icons and fonts during video playback or drawing on the desktop.


The power setting seems to affect this issue.  I also read somewhere that Windows Vista/7 may have some kind of supersaver power feature that does this interlacing stuff.


As a user suggested work around, Open "Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options" and chose the custom plan (which the lenovo power management program apparently creates) and then select "Change advanced power settings" under that plan, and dug down under Display in the tree listing and found what is called "NVIDIA Display Power Saving technology".  Set that to Disabled when on battery (it was set to Enabled) and the problem went away.


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