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Paper Tape
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W510 shutsdown witn UDK or 3dsmax



I bought my W510 a couple of months ago. Lately it tends to shutdown when I use intensive graphic card software use such as UDK (unreal development kit) and 3dsmax 2012. Its so annoying it has gotten to the point where the software is open for a couple of minutes and then the computer shuts down, its impossible to work with it now. Even when i have 10 boxes in wifreframe, it still shutsdown.


Does anyone know how can i solve it? Is it something common? I have the latest drivers in my graphic card (Quadro FX 880M), I bought this computer because I needed better performance than my old HP DV-5 that ironically, works ok with UDK and 3dsmax with no shutdowns.


By the way, i've been playing Portal 2 on my W510 with no problems.


This is my configuration:

W510 - i5 M560 @ 2.67ghz

4gb, remaining 1 dimm slot

80gbs free on C:/   windows 7

Nvidia Quadro FX880M


Thank you very much!

Token Ring
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Re: W510 shutsdown witn UDK or 3dsmax

Hi and welcome to the forums, su43berkut17. It looks like your W510 is shutting down because of overheating. Install the latest version of TPFanControl and check the temperature.
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Re: W510 shutsdown witn UDK or 3dsmax

Hi su43berkut

To add on, while you are running UDK or 3DMax, set it to Manual: 64, this pushes the fan to maximum to help reduce overall system temperature.

If it still does not run well, you could ask Lenovo Support to reapply thermal paste for your CPU and GPU.

Cheers :smileyvery-happy:

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Paper Tape
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Re: W510 shutsdown witn UDK or 3dsmax

I think I solved it, it was not a heating problem as it gets hotter when I play portal 2 with max setting for hours ^^ However I read that for udk nvidia recommends to set up the quadro global settings to game development preset, now it doesn't shut down with udk nor 3dsmax. that is so weird as it should only affect performance in different situations and not shutdown issues... anyway it works now, thanks!
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