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Punch Card
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W520 BIOS update reporting wrong version.

Updated BIOS to version 1.25 but BIOS is reporting version to be 1.24.


Also experiencing CPU speed problems since BIOS and chipset driver updates.

CPU speed was stuck at 797mhz even minimum CPU speed in power settings was set to 100%

Would have to put Laptop to SLEEP and RESUME in order to update CPU speed.

After reboot CPU speed STEPS move but despite setting minimim CPU to 100% it's still at 797mhz at idle.

Thinkpad W520, 2720QM, Crucial SSD M4
Punch Card
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Betreff: W520 BIOS update reporting wrong version.

Hello ibmford,


The version BIOS of my w520 (4282-w17) is also 1.24 after 1.25 update. furthermore the date is 13.5. instead of 19.5.


hopefully we didn't get a "beta" BIOS here...




PS: CPU-Z reports full CPU-Speed for my w520

W520 (4282-W17 i7-2820QM 32GB 2xSSD 1TB)| T62p | T41p

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