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Lenovo Staff
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I researched that  I need the Intel SATA AHCI Driver for performing a clean Windows 7 installation 


I tried:


1. Mobile Express Chipset SAAT AHCI controler drivers from the (a) Intel websites (b) Lenovo website and (c) extracting drivers from running system

2. tried supplying drivers on DVD/CD and USB


3. tied to integrate drivers into Windows 7 Installation using RT7Lite


4. Did bios update


5. switched from AHCO to compatible mode


In any of the above cases only the system identifies the one correct driver (when I click Hide drivers that are not compatible that one particular file comes up. 


However I get a prompt that no driver is found and set-up is then aborted.


Is there a way to fix this and perform a clean installation?


Windows 7 does not come with USB 3 support out of the box and hence, this happened.


One of the community users shared this workaround:

Do not use the USB 3.0 ports for installation.


Use a DVD instead.


Use also the USB 2.0 port.


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