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Posts: 457
Registered: ‎06-30-2011
Location: gibraltar
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W520 Docking station not working with exterma DP monitors

It used to work.  Recently, however, if I reboot the thinkpad in the doc, I lose the two DP external monitors.


I.e. the machine boots on internal display, and if I go to windows "screen resolution" I can see the names of the two external monitors greyed out with the wrong resolution.


If I do a WINDOWS-P, then extend to the second one, then make the third the "main display", then disable the internal panel, Im back to where I should be.  If I sleep and wakeup, it keeps the arrangement.  If I dock the notebook while running, it automatically jumps to the correct arrangeement (i.e. internal panel off, two external displays extended).


Its only if I boot when in in the doc it fails, and I ahve to wait for 5 minutes fo tthe machine to boot, then faf about for another minute to get the displays working.  I have never had this problem with Dell laptops in docking stations with external displays.


I dont expect a solution - and I accept im probably the only person who gets this error.


The machine cant reboot (I can only shutdown and cold boot) since I enabled password protection for the HD in the bios, so I cant test that.

Bit Torrent
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Registered: ‎04-08-2011
Location: USA
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Re: W520 Docking station not working with exterma DP monitors

With Optimus enabled, the W520 and other Optimus machines lose their brains on a restart.  This is present in the T420 and the T420S, too.


I have just gotten used to doing shutdowns.