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Fanfold Paper
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W520: Fingerprint sensor - what if it's not working?

Hello all,


currently I am using the fingerprint sensor only for logging in at Windows but I also tried using it to start up the laptop after pressing the power button.


It works great - but I wondered what happens, if the fingerprint sensor fails. Either because it won't recognize my fingerprints or because of any technical issue. Will it be completly impossible to start up the laptop then? And if not - wouldn't the fingerprint sensor be totally useless then?


I need the Laptop for daily usage and had a big problem if I couldn't start it because of the fingerprint sensor. Although I'd like to use this additional security feature.


Have you had any problems with the sensor so far?

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Re: W520: Fingerprint sensor - what if it's not working?

[ Edited ]

My sensor works about 75% of the time. Sometimes when I wake it up from sleep, its dead, sometimes its ok. When its working, sometimes it requires one swipe, sometimes 10 swipes - its fairly useless (for my fingers anyway). You can always use the usual passoword login - you dont have to use the FPR - its just for convience.

RAID Mirror
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Re: W520: Fingerprint sensor - what if it's not working?

Hi Wanted:


I believe that when you first set up the fingerprint software, you are asked to provide a text password (same idea as on a computer that doesn't have a fingerprint sensor).


You can use the text password as an alternative to using the fingerprint sensor.  For example, if I am using my W520 in stand-alone mode (as a portable computer), I swipe my finger on the sensor to log in.  If I put the computer in the Dock III, which is connected to an external monitor, I type in the password using the keyboard (this because I don't want to be bothered to open the lid on the computer to access the fingerprint sensor).


So... I think this means that if your fingerprint sensor ever fails or your finger falls off, you can just type the text password to log in.


Based on what I have not seen here in the forums, the fingerprint sensors seem to be pretty reliable parts - no-one seems to be posting reports of problems with the things failing.



W520 (4270 CTO), which replaced a W500 (4062-27U), which replaced a T42P, which replaced an A21P...
Fanfold Paper
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Re: W520: Fingerprint biometric login screen gone - what if it's not working?


Last night I was busy using my W520, when I noticed two windows auto-updates appeared basically un-noticed.

Well starting to logoff my computer the update wanted to detain my shutdown.  Fine OK I can deal with that, but the download froze, and I had to shutdown the bad way...just hold button till shutoff. The next day computer didn't like it...i had to go into safety mode to clean up the jacked updates.  The finger print reader wasn't working while in Safety mode and repairing fix, I figured it would return after I fixed my problem.  It is still not fully working. It's missing the windows switch biometric login screen.  It will login conventionally with text, and it will fingerprint read on initial startup and my passwords work while the system is on.

It has lost the biometric login screen...which I would lke to recover.  I just can't find where to initiate it or where it is located so I can repair it.

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