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Re: W520 LED backlight and LCD quality

Great job, Josh! Users have been asking for this for a very long time. I encourage everyone who finds Josh's work in this thread to be worthwhile, to "nominate" the thread's solution for inclusion into Lenovo's Knowledge Base. You can do so by logging into the forum, and then re-opening this thread within your browser. Then select "Nominate to Knowledge Base" from the "Topic Options" menu, which is just above the first message in the thread. Also, I've asked Lenovo to flag the engineering team on this issue, to try to find a way to incorporate Josh's fix within future software updates.

Josh, it's very interesting that you found dispcalGUI to provide better results with your Spyder3 calibrator, than the ColorEyes Display Pro software. Were you also able to try the workaround I mentioned previously to run dispcalGUI with the W520's internal calibrator? If so, how did those results compare? (Maybe you've mentioned it somewhere in these recent threads, and I've missed it.)

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Re: W520 LED backlight and LCD quality

Is this solution limited to the W520 only?

Blue Screen Again
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Re: W520 LED backlight and LCD quality

I quite sure that 1920x1080 Full HD screen is the same for W520, W510, T520, T510.
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Re: W520 LED backlight and LCD quality

They are indeed the same panel.

Kudos to Josh! Best profile evar Smiley Happy

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Re: W520 LED backlight and LCD quality

Thanks for sharing this profiles.


I just want to add two information:


- This profile is actually not for the W520, but for all laptops using the AUO B156HW01 V.4 panel. This is the FHD panel in the W510, W520, T510, T520 and in various Sager/Clevo notebooks. If you have this panel, you can use these profiles, you don't need to have a W520 for it. To check which monitor do you have, use MonInfo 


- We made some progress making dispcalGUI with the built-in calibrator here:


Short version: the built in calibrator isn't as bad as it's software is. Using the built-in calibrator with dispcalGUI makes quite nice profiles!


Recommendation for Lenovo: consider working together with the developer of dispcalGUI, as it is the most professional calibration solution on the market, and is actually open source! It provides much higher calibration results from the same calibrator device then the bundled software! The bundled software with the built-in calibrators is so bad that there is absolutely no point including the calibrator device in the high-end Thinkpads! No color professional would ever use this device, because of the software.

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Re: W520 LED backlight and LCD quality

Josh, could you provide a description of how you think it would be best for engineering to include the new profiles with future software releases for these machines?




Bit Torrent
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Re: W520 LED backlight and LCD quality

@qwerty42 wrote:


-In the box under "Profiles associated with this device," you may or may not see the profiles I gave you (they start with "dispcalGUI Thinkpad Display ...") If they are not listed, click "Add..." and select them from the list, click Ok.


-Now, find the one you want to use (for most I'd recommend "dispcalGUI ThinkPad... HQ 3xCurve+MTX"), click on it to highlight it, then click "Set as Default Profile"




What if this portion of the instructions isn't working?  The profile installs into the correct area.  I can select it using the Add button, but it never shows up after that so I can't actually use it.





Bit Torrent
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Re: W520 LED backlight and LCD quality

That works pretty good with my L520 HD+ screen too. Smiley Very Happy Thank you very much.

Punch Card
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Re: W520 LED backlight and LCD quality

qwerty, I just wanted to report that thanks for this exteremly high quality profile! It is the first professional profile I was able to find for the AUO B156HW01 V.4 screen! Thanks for the quality work!

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Re: W520 LED backlight and LCD quality

Wow, I didn't expect such a response! If I'd known so many people were interested in this I would've offered some profiles sooner. To everyone that said thanks, you're very welcome! It's great to have a display with true colors, even if you're not a pro photographer or graphic designer.


Jimbo - I haven't tested it with the internal calibrator yet, but I will when I get time, because I am very interested to see how it compares to the Spyder. I don't expect it to be quite as good, considering the Spyder's sensor is orders of magnitude larger than the built-in one (which is actually a Huey Pro, I've read), but dispcalGUI/Argyll is very effective and may be able to get good results regardless. Regarding dispcalGUI vs. ColorEyes--In all fairness, I think ColorEyes could be made to work as well if I spent some time with it to increase the number of sample points in the dark grays. The very darkest grays/blacks are  usually the hardest for color calibration, because (a) LCD screens have a hard time making things almost black without a color cast and (b) the signal-to-noise ratio on dark colors is the worst for the calibration device, because a dark color doesn't provide much luminance for the sensor to "read." dispcalGUI makes it very easy to set up multiple iterations in dark colors, including correcting for drift of the measurement device itself, which appears to make a big difference. The drawback is, to make a profile of this accuracy with dispcalGUI takes a couple of hours, but ColorEyes produces almost-as-good profiles in just a matter of minutes. This is kind of a moot point though, because dispcalGUI can also make just-as-good profiles to ColorEyes in a matter of minutes as well.


Regarding engineering including the new profiles--well, really, that's all they'd have to do. Just simply include them, and set up a script that adds them to Windows color management automatically and enables the Windows profile loader. They kind of already do this, with the various pre-installed ThinkPad profiles that come on the machines, but as we all know those supplied profiles are quite unimpressive.


ThorsHammer -- that is really strange! I don't know what would cause that to happen. As soon as I click "Add" to any profile in that list, it immediately shows up in the main list for the display. I'm sure you're probably doing everything right, but I put together this picture tutorial for everyone to make my instructions easier to follow:




PS... if anyone wants custom profiles, with specific gammas or white points, I'll be happy to make them for you as soon as I have some time in the next week.



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