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Re: W520 & external 2560x1600 monitor?

Hey guys,

Support of my 30" TFT (HP LP3065) was a major requirement for my W520 (4282-W17).

Here's my working (2560x1600) config:
- NO dock
- ACTIVE (with usb) displayport => Duallink-DVI Adapter (Brand: HP)
- Duallink-DVI cable

works fine since the first day

W520 (4282-W17 i7-2820QM 32GB 2xSSD 1TB)| T62p | T41p
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Re: W520 & external 2560x1600 monitor?

Soko11 - 


This is most helpful.  I too have this requirement, with this exception - 


I want to run TWO monitors each with a 2560 x 1600 resolution.  Will the laptop with a docking station handle TWO of these monitors at this resolution? 


Most all 30 inch monitors will ONLY accept Dual-Link DVI for the full 2560 x 1600 resolution, and the only way to get to Dual-Link DVI is an adaptor on the Display Port as I understand it.. 

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Re: W520 & external 2560x1600 monitor?

[ Edited ]

I just want to be absolutely clear - it is possible to drive two 2560 x 1600 monitors, with no adapters, as long as they have Display Port, correct?


For example, the Dell U3011 or HP ZR30w both have Display Port, so they should be fine to drive from the dock, yes?


Right now I'm running WUXGA (3 of them) but I am thinking about upgrading.


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Re: W520 & external 2560x1600 monitor?

[ Edited ]

I just got the Dell 3014  2560x1,600 monitor.


It works with the W520, using a DVI to DVI cable.


EDIT: It works



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