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Re: W520 freezes when LAN cable attached

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Hi. YW. Ah ok, but still do the same steps (at least check the stats, by recovery did you run a system repair or reinstall? Either way try what is applicable out of the steps suggested). Thing is you really shouldn't have to change any settings. It should work. Yes, There are such tools but they may be beyond the scope of how involved I wish to get in your issue ;-) --Heh I have my own issues lol. See powercfg /energy and also pwrtest, there are other trace/diag tools as well (you will need the DDK for the tools). So... Up to you. Generally speaking, and not fully pointing the finger at the w520, Big problems with sleep/wake on these things. (lol and I don't really care so much where the finger points anymore, I'm sort of tired of all the issues I have seen/see with my own w520, without getting into detail because I already posted about it I may still need to see about a motherboard swap in my 520. I would not rule out that you may eventually need to do the same to resolve your issue, just saying it's possible. I don't know if you are seeing any similar issues with other devices and sleep/shutdown.).

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