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W520 from Outlet Price Match - Please help!

I recently purchased a W520 from the Lenovo Outlet  for $1291 (excluding taxes, shipping etc.) -


Condition New

Core i7 2860 2.5 Ghz

Win 7 Professional

Nvidia Quadro 2000

4 gb RAM

FHD Screen 1920 X 1080

No Fingerprint Scanner

DVD Drive


9 Cell Battery

1 Year Depot Warranty


The next morning (less than 12 hours later) I rechecked the Lenovo Outlet website and see that the exact same configuration was available for $936! That was a more than $350 dollar difference!


I also found another laptop which was the exact same configuration but had an additional 12gb ram as compared to the above configuration. Even this model was selling for $1108 almost $200 cheaper than what I paid.


As expected, I was furious and immediately called Customer Support. After the initial there is nothing we can do, they finally connected me to sales and the lady there said she can prepare a RMA for returning my laptop and I can place an order for a new one. She refused to cancel the current order even though it had only been < 12 hours. Anyways, I asked her what other options I had and later she said she could do a price match provided I add the above said machines to a cart and send it to her.


When I went back to the outlet website, the $936 laptop was out of stock but the $1108 laptop was still in stock so I quickly added it and mailed her the cart, even though it had an additional 12gb of RAM. I also sent her a screenshot of the same config. laptop which was selling for $936 just to let her know that it was visible on their website.


To summarize -

Laptop I paid for $1291 (configuration above)

1st Laptop available on their website next morning same config - $936

2nd Laptop same config but addtional 12gb ram - $1108


I called multiple times but I am told that they cannot do a price match till my current order ships. How is this fair practice? Has anyone experienced something like this before and can guide me? I expected more from a brand name like Lenovo. I do not want to go through the hassle of re-sending the laptop I receive and ordering another one. The deals are no longer even available on their website its a good thing I took screenshots. I really hope they do a price match its the ethical thing to do.



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Re: W520 from Outlet Price Match - Please help!

You are getting a great deal! I paid about twice as much! 

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Re: W520 from Outlet Price Match - Please help!

Did you ask why they can't do a price match until it ships?  One reason may be that they sometimes have to charge the credit card only immediately prior to shipping.


There is a risk that something will happen and your order will be cancelled or delayed.  In my case, they refunded my entire purchase price because there was a manufacturing delay.  Only immediately prior to the shipment did my card get charged the final time.  I found a better price and they matched it, though it was a cumbersome process.



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