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Bit Torrent
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Registered: ‎04-08-2011
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Re: W520 or not

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safetyfirst wrote:
Thanks, ThorsHammer. So did you buy a new laptop other than W520, or not buy any new machine at all?

I bought a new T420 on eBay. Similar to one for sale right now.  It came with the i7 proc, Optimus graphics, etc.


I am shopping for an Ultrabook now.  When I land on the Ultrabook I want, I'll likely sell the T420 or give it to a family member.

Magnetic Tape
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Re: W520 or not

Did you not sell and or trade your W520? On some bay or what-ever and also you have a W510 powerd the W520 135 watt power bick when you did have it back 4 to 7 mos back I think you base on the 420s is you thing do you work for dell or any other CO. CVN76usn C.W.N an old sub man I did not see were you pick up a new W520