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Blue Screen Again
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W530 Mainboard/Battery Failure

So I have had my W530 for a little over a year (recieved it December 27th 2013), so I am now 62 days out of warranty unfortunately. Within the first 11 months of owning the machine (some time in October 2014) I had a mainboard failure in which my machine would not power up at all. I would press the power button, the green backlight would stay on for ~2 seconds, and then promptly shut off. I had the main board replaced, and the issue was fixed (as expected). 


This past Christmas (Late December 2014) my computer became completely unresponsive and the screen was flashing random colours. This only happened a couple of times, so I figured it was just a graphics/software issue and thought very little of it. Then in January 2015 I began having some random power failures. They were fairly spread out, and I had this issue when I first recieved the machine and the fix was just updating the power management drivers, so I figured this was just a driver issue. I reverted to the previous version of the driver with no change. The random power failures became worse and worse, to the point where the machine wouldn't stay on longer than a minute or two. As well, over the month of January my battery wear percentage went from ~10% to 100% in the span of a week. I have tested this battery in another machine (T530) and the battery shows 100% wear in this machine as well. Now it is (generally) at the point where the machine won't even turn on, and if it does it only stays on for a few minutes. 


I have tested with and without the battery in, plugged in or unplugged, in the BIOS and in Windows,  and I have opened the DIMM cover on the back and under the keyboard to ensure they are clean and free of dust. 


What is quite strange is that the machine currently seems to work in random patterns. Over the weekend I was able to use the machine for 4-5 hours, put it to sleep over night, come back and use it for a few more hours, shut it off and power up again and use it for a few more hours. But then when I shut off the machine, brought it to school, and tried to turn it on I had the exact same power failure issues; try to power on, green back light comes on, shuts off in ~1-2 seconds. 


I guess I'm not really sure where to go from here. I've talked to Lenovo, they insist they can't do anything for me since I'm out of warranty. I can't even talk to the supervisor/manager in their service department since I am out of warranty. They just told me to talk to my local business partner, so I did. They told me the cost of the repair out of warranty is essentially not worth it and I should just purchase a new machine. Lenovo then told me to purchase the Post Depot Warranty and they may be able to help me fix my machine, but despite giving them my credit card information three times Lenovo sales reps can't seem to figure out how to use it, as the order for the new warranty still hasn't been processed. 


Anyone heard of similar issues to this? Any suggestions on how to handle things with Lenovo, who to try to talk to, who to call? I am so frustrated by this computer and this company, and I feel like I've completely wasted close to $1500 on what I thought was going to be a 4+ year machine. 


Sorry for the lengthy/bitchy post. 

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Re: W530 Mainboard/Battery Failure

That sounds frustrating. I checked and the warranty on the replacement motherboard you got was 90-days from the date of the repair. I would try two things. When you got the machine back from the depot repair, there would have been a cover sheet that would give you a number to call for follow up. In U.S., my form says it is 800-883-9902.   Then choose option 8, which is a silent option. It may be the same for Canada. Tell them what happened and when they tell you it was longer than 90 days, I would say that you started having problems in December and ask if there is something they can do. The call is free and you might get results. Also, a bad battery can cause all kinds of problems. It is certainly possible that the battery died after a year. It would be unusual, but possible. I won't suggest buying a new battery for a machine you may be getting rid of, but I would try using running plugged in to AC with no battery at all. It will run a little slower, but it will work if the problem was the battery.

Finally, if nothing works and you decide to replace the machine, send me a pm, as I would be interested in buying the broken one.


I do not respond to requests for private, one-on-one help. Your questions should be posted in the appropriate forum where they may help others as well.

If a response answers your question, please mark it as the accepted solution.

I am not an employee or agent of Lenovo.
Blue Screen Again
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Re: W530 Mainboard/Battery Failure

Thanks for the response! I didn't actually send the machine back to Lenovo, my local service centre performed the mainboard swap. I unfortunately don't have the papers that came back with the computer when the service was done, but I called the service centre to get a new copy of them and they said there isn't any Lenovo phone numbers/information on their sheets at all, just a list of the parts installed and my/the service centres information. I called the number you mentioned, but unfortunately they wouldn't really talk to me since I am in Canada, and their best help was to just transfer me back to the Canadian service department, which I have already spoken to now about 10 times. 


I'm working on trying to purchase the post depot warranty again, but apparently they have no record of my previous attemps (twice) to order it, so now that process is completely tied up and in limbo. 


If I do decided to replace the machine I will certainly send you a PM, thanks for the offer.

Paper Tape
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Re: W530 Mainboard/Battery Failure

I seem to have the same problem. My W530 is 4 yrs old, out of warranty. It does not turn on at all, just only 1 or 2 seconds not even display turns on. Please let me know, what can be done.

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