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What's DOS?
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W530 Num Lock problems with VMWare

All,  I am having a major problem with VMWare and the W530 "Num Lock".  When I move the cursor into the VMWare window a message comes on say "NUM LOCK: ON" when I move it out of the VMWare window I see message "NUM LOCK: OFF".  I do not have any key on the keyboard to disable Num Locl.  There are utilities I can run in the SUSE VMWare image to capture the key binding and remap, but I do not have anyway of turning Num Lock on or off to capture

the key binding.


Suggestions ?

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Re: W530 Num Lock problems with VMWare

Hello and welcome,


A couple of things you might try.  Don't know if they'll work on your W.  They do work on some other Lenovo machines.


Plug in a USB keyboard that has numlock.  Use that and see if it sticks after reboot.


Use the on-screen keyboard.  Click "options" and enable numeric keypad.  That should add a keypad and NUMLOCK key to the on-screen keyboard.  Use that.  See if it works - and if it sticks.


(Windows 7) Start -> Accessories -> Ease of Access -> On-Screen Keyboard.


A little more detail here:



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Re: W530 Num Lock problems with VMWare

Try this:

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What's DOS?
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Re: W530 Num Lock problems with VMWare

I tried several things.  I set the VMWare bios Num Lock disable.  I beleive that there is a defect to the way the W530 maps the curosor move into and out of a VMWare window.  Note the problem on the W530 made worse because it does not have a Num Lock key.  I purchased a USB keyboard and WOW I have a Num Lock key.  It was very easy to get VMWare to use the USB Keyboard.


Now I have to carry around a USB Keyboard with me if I need to demo something to someone.


I might try mapping the some key or key pair to Num Lock, so I can have the ability to turn it on/off in VMWare.



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