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W530: Optical drive powers off automatically when running on Win 8


With Win8 on W530 , the optical drive powers off soon after boot. Device management bogs down after this. Accessory optical drive and a UJ-260 do the same thing.


BIOS 2.52 and 2.53: same problem. Main board has Intel RAID option ROM.


However, the optical drive stays on with no issues when running on Windows 7.


The above is a Windows 8 feature called Zero Power Optical Disk Drives, or Zero Power ODD, which affects optical drives connected through the SATA connector. To be precise, it is part of SATA revision 3.1. 

If the system you are using does not support SATA 3.1 connections the feature cannot be enabled or run.


This feature can reduce power consumed by optical drives down to zero in the operating system so as to save energy, when the drives are not in use.


Zero Power ODD is, by default, enabled in Windows 8, where compatible drives are recognized automatically, and if left idle, will not get powered.


Systems running Windows 8 can be set to disable this feature. All users have to do is to change the value of a Registry Key.


How to change the value in Registry 

1) Open the Windows Registry editor.

2) Bring up the run box with the command Windows + R 



3) Type regedit then hit Enter. A prompt for elevation will come up. Click Accept.

4) Scroll down to locate the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\cdrom\parameters\ .


 5) Locate the parameter ZeroPowerODDenabled on the right side. If you do not see this on your system it probably means that the Zero Power ODD feature is not supported on your computer.






6) Double-click the value and change it to 0.

7) Restart your system to activate the change.


To re-enable the feature, repeat the above but set the value to 1 instead of 0.

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bengalih On 2018-01-25, 5:41 AM

Another additional possibility on Windows 8 (and Windows 10) can be found here.

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