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Paper Tape
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Re: W530 Power Adapters, 90W vs 135W Vs 170W

It's a little disappointing that this thread has been around since 2012 and yet there still doesn't appear to be any commercially-available adapters with correct resistor values for the larger chargers.


I recently upgraded from a 2013-era W530 to a P50.  I have four 170W Lenovo-branded W530 chargers in various locations at home (upstairs and downstairs) and at work (in my office and in my lab).  As such, I really don't want to buy 3 additional 170W P50 chargers if the only thing preventing me from re-using the W530 chargers is the tip and resistor.


Paper Tape
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Re: W530 Power Adapters, 90W vs 135W Vs 170W

So in a word, if I use 90W charger for my W530 while using, does the laptop draw power from the charger (use power from charger only) or still use from the battery? I dont need to charge my battery while using my laptop, I just want it to stop draining juice from my battery. I dont mind charging my laptop when it's in sleep state.


P/S: I know this topic was created far from now (2018), but can anyone here sell this final customized charger (90W)? I'm living in Vancouver, Canada and I'm willing to buy if anyone has some businesses. Thanks!

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Re: W530 Power Adapters, 90W vs 135W Vs 170W

Hi, this thread seems to have a lot of knowledgable people on the w530. I was wondering if anyone can confirm if this dock and power supply combo will work for my i7 quad w530 or if any of them will work. Thanks Carl



Lenovo Mini Dock Plus Series 3 Type



Power supply:

Lenovo OEM Notebook Power Adapter/Charger 20V 6.75A 135W (7.9x5.5mm)(Power cord not included) 12 Months Warranty

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