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Fanfold Paper
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W530 - Screen distorsion when docked

Hello there, first, thanks for your time trying to help me with my problem.


I recently bought a docking station for my W530 equipped with the K2000M.


Heres what's going on. Before, I had a L530 connected to a mini dock 3, everything was fine, I recieved my new dock supporting 170W for my W530, Installed it and everything was great, connected it to my TV with the same VGA cable I used to have for my L530 dock. The W530 showed up onto the TV screen in no time. But then I realized that when there was dark backgrounds or dark things on the TV screen, there's like a distorsion (looks like waves, I don't know how to describe them) onto the screen, happens sometimes on the desktop but more apparent when in a game in dark aeras. The distorsion appears on all the screen but is more apparent when the screen is darker and most of the time while in game. It is also sort of an intermittent problem as it does not do it all the time. Tried back my L530 on the same dock as my W530. Everything was fine with this one... They are not always present.


- I updated to the last Nvidia Driver 416.78

- I tried to clean dhe docking port onto the docking station (don't know how to clean the one onto the laptop)

- I restarted many times


But all this without luck...


What do you think about that ? Can someone help me ?


Thanks for your precious time !

Fanfold Paper
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Re: W530 - Screen distorsion when docked

I believe those "lines" are interference. VGA is analog and you might have a poor quality cable. You could try a different cable and see if that fixes it. I had a similar problem with the VGA port on my Type 4338 dock. I tried the DVI port, and no more problem.

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Fanfold Paper
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Re: W530 - Screen distorsion when docked

But it is only doing it with my W530, not my L530. I might try a different cable, I'll get you back soon with results.

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