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Blue Screen Again
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W530 Windows 8 Intel Rapid Storage Technology



I am a brand new W530 owner, and new to Lenovo products.


Has anyone here been able to get Rapid Start technology to work on a fresh install of Windows 8 on the W530?


I have been trying to solve crashes when my laptop goes to sleep, and believe it is due to the Rapid Storage configuration. I purchased the Windows 8 version, but had to reinstall the operating system (it came with 8 but I needed 8 enterprise to join a domain at work). 


After reinstalling everything and using the Lenovo System Update utility to get all the latest drivers, my system would crash after going to sleep. When starting back up after sleep, I would receive the windows error message "Your PC encountered a problem and needed to restart". It didn't happen with every sleep, and seemed to occur when it was asleep for a long period of time. After poking through the BIOS, I saw that the Rapid Start technology was enabled with a timer of 3 hours, which seemed to explain the issue for me, so I set out to make sure that was working.


Since it was a fresh install of windows, I had no hibernation partition, so I followed the guidelines here:


I used DiskPart to create the partition, set it to 32800 (I have 32GB ram) and gave it the guid listed in the above article (my drive is GPT) as the ID.


There is no PowerManager for Windows 8 so I dont have a graphical way to configure anything. Also, there are registry keys at HKLM/Software/WOW6432Node/Intel/irstrt that do not exist on my system that supposedly should be there.


A little more info on my config - I have 32GB RAM, a 256GB mSATA SSD drive as my primary OS drive, and the stock 500GB SATA drive as another data drive. I created the hibernation partition on the SSD drive.







Bit Torrent
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Re: W530 Windows 8 Intel Rapid Storage Technology

If your OS and apps are installed on the SSD, you really don't need Intels programs.


FYI, Rapid Start refers to the Windows 8 hibernation technology.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: W530 Windows 8 Intel Rapid Storage Technology

Rapid Start refers to Intel's specific hibernation technology that has benefits beyond what Windows 8 standard hibernation provides.


As I understand it, this enables your computer to go into a lower power sleep than standard windows 8 hibernation, which is why Lenovo calls it "30 day standby". I would like to take advantage of this and make sure that my machine doesn't crash when going into hibernation.


Anyone else have any luck with this?

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