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W530 cant connect 2 external monitors since last windows update

For the last 3 years my W530 has connected to my two 32" Dell 2560x1600 displays without issue, and shows the desktop extend across the two.  They are connected via displayport to the minidoc III.  A couple of months ago, a windows update came, and since then, I can only ever connect to one of them.


If I do WINDOWS-P and select varios options this i what happens:


  1. "Second screen only" = only the right screen works.
  2. "Duplicate" = only laptop screen works (neither external work)
  3. "Extend" = Left and Right both work, but are mirrored, not extended, and the laptop display works.

Its driving me crazy - I spent £2300 on monitors, and I can only use one of them.


I have tried all the usual stuff - rebooting, disconnecting/reconnecting screens etc.


Any ideas?

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