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W530 display "crash"

2013-03-13, 22:09 PM

I have a brand new W530.  Once or twice a day,  the monitor display goes beserk.  The screen begins flashing bright pastel colors which alternate in rapid succession -- this is kind of like watching an anime cartoon.  Occaisionally, instead of doing that, it just blue screens.  I have downloaded and installed the latest video drivers from Lenvoo.


Assuming it to be something wrong with the video card, I sent it to Lenovo support.  They were, however, unable to verify any problem.  The seems to be some correlation with physically moving the machine.  This often occurs when I am setting down the laptop, adjusting the flip up monitor angle, bumping the battery, etc.  That's not always the case.  There are some times when it just happens by itself when I'm working.


Interestingly, I had a loaner computer when my 530 was being serviced.  In the 2 weeks I had the loaner, the same phenominon happened twice.  That's much less frequently, but it still happened.  I was using the same hard drive in both machines when this has occured.


Has anyone else in the community experienced this?  Quite annoying. Makes the laptop almost unusable.


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Re: W530 display "crash"

2013-03-13, 22:20 PM

Just a guess, but do you have any nearby wireless or RF devices that could be causing disruption of the display?


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Re: W530 display "crash"

2013-03-14, 14:25 PM

This is probably the ever-popular static discharge problem, which has a few different symptoms and many threads, ie




In many cases, bending the metal contact fingers on the RAM door on the bottom of the laptop so they make better grounding contact helps.


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Re: W530 display "crash"

2013-03-14, 14:29 PM
Using the same hdd and os in both machine? Whatif you switch to discrete only for graphics option in bios.

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Re: W530 display "crash"

2013-03-15, 17:38 PM

Appreciate the replies and pointers to other threads.  Unfortunately, I'm not hopeful for any quick resolution.


As for the comments.  RF interence seems an unlikely cause. No obvious source, plus failure has occured in many different locations.


Does not appear to be related to over heating.  I have had issues with previous Lenovo laptops getting very, very hot.  Hoven't noticed it with this one.


Could be related to static discharde, arcing, or whatever.  Heard suggestions like replace the RAM, replace the board.  Thos emay well be the causes, but it all feels so hit and miss.  I did have similar issues when Harddrive was swapped into an identical loaner machine, but the frequency was much, much less ofter.  Twice in two weeks instead of once or twice a day.


I may just have to whine to the bosses to get a new machine.


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Re: W530 display "crash"

2014-03-26, 23:26 PM

I have this problem too. It seems to be nothing to do with overheating or static. It always occurs when the machine receives a physical knock/nudge, for example, if I move it or accidentally knock the edge of the machine.


I have more than one monitor plugged into my laptop. When this problem occurs it only effects the laptop screen, not the other monitors. this shows that the problem is not with the system crashing, but with the screen itself.


I think that the problem may be related to a loose connection between the screen and the main part of the laptop, as suggested in this thread, which seems to describe a similar problem: http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/W-Series-ThinkPad-Laptops/ThinkPad-W530-Blank-Screen-Weird-Colorful-screen-on-Lid-Open/td-p/901513


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Re: W530 display "crash"

2015-01-09, 18:11 PM

My computer has done this ocassionally for a while. Never frequently enough for me to worry about. Putting it into sleep and out again usually fixed it. The last couple of times however the flashing screen has quickly been followed by a blue screen. Now I'm finding that it won't let me calibrate my moniter with the built in calibrator. It tells me the screen has been replaced and I need to run the replacement utility.

I had this error with the calibrator once before but I was reformatting the system soon so didn't worry about it as the restore to factory defaults fixed that. I don't want to have to reformat again this time and also can't afford to be sending my laptop off right now because I need it for school.  


Has anyone had this issue with the colorimeter following the flashing screen crash?


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Re: W530 display "crash"

2015-01-10, 0:52 AM
Is your monitor identified as the same thing it used to be under Device Manager > Monitors?

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