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Blue Screen Again
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W530 fan compatibility/replacement

Dear community! 

The fan on my Thinkpad W530 (2447) died and I am in dire need of replacement. I already took out the entire fan+ heatsink and cleaned it as well as replaced the thermal paste, but it didn't help.

Unfortunately, the shops I have contacted so far do not offer an exact replacement and one of them said, that the exact fan is even flagged as "end of life". 

My question is: Are fans of slightly different models (W500, W520 for example) compatible with my W530? Which fans can I safely replace mine with? 


Thank you in advance!



I would like to specify what I meant with "my fan died" : 

This is after the cleaning process.

When I start my thinkpad the fan turns 4 times for a very short duration (~0.5 sec) and the system boots. Then the fan stops. I tried changing the fan speed via TPfancontrol (v 0.61), but the fan won't spin.

Punch Card
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Re: W530 fan compatibility/replacement

Did you Google W530 Fan? Most hits are used/pre-owned, though some say new.


I bought the entire fan assembly (04W3627) a couple of years ago from some vendor via aliexpress for $33. It said it was new. Took a while to get here (a couple of weeks as I recall). The Lenovo box, label and item all looked genuine and legit though the box seal had been cut and re-taped. When I asked the vendor about that they responded quickly with "... we 100% test those units...". I installed the assembly in my W530 (with new thermal paste), and it solved my fan problem. It has been working great ever since.

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Re: W530 fan compatibility/replacement

The fan always runs 0.5 seconds and then stops.  The quick start is only to test the spin speed to make sure it isn't stuck and the circuit is good.  After that, it starts as needed based on temperatures.  Other models' fans simply don't fit.


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Blue Screen Again
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Re: W530 fan compatibility/replacement

I had hoped there was a quicker way to correct the fan. I guess I have to go with ebay and aliexpress.


"After that, it starts as needed based on temperatures. "  

So the fan isn't broken? 

The BIOS should start the fan depending on the temperature sensor. However, even when the temperature sensor shows me temperatures above 70 degree celsius the fan won't start.  And even when manually setting the fan speed via TPFancontrol, the fan still won't start.

What else could be the underlying error? 

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