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W530 fan problem started after 2.5 years

Out of the blue, my W530 now sounds like a screaming goat when I start it up. It lasts for about 5 - 10 seconds then stops, and all is quite again.  It now does it every time. The noise is so bad, it sounds like the fans are about to explode. Any ideas?  Its still under warranty, but I gave up trying to get any support from Lenovo in Spain years ago.

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Re: W530 fan problem started after 2.5 years

Have you made any updates recently? (i.e. Lenovo System Update)


If you haven't installed any system updates, from your post, it looks like your fan is working properly but a temperature sensor may have failed.


-  Have you checked your CPU / GPU temperatures?

- I use HWINFO:


- If the computer is still under warranty, I'd take it to Lenovo, regardless of past experiences. They should be able to diagnose and confirm the problem. If you do it after the warranty expires, you'll be responsible for any repairs, of course.

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Re: W530 fan problem started after 2.5 years

A few more thoughts,  It's also possible that:


  • a bearing in the fan has failed and that the noise only becomes noticeable when it is cycled high.
  • a bit of paper or other debris has been sucked-into the fan and become lodged near the blade, again causing noise when spinning at high speed. 

For the first issue, you definitely need to have the machine serviced by Lenovo -- spare parts, while often available, are quite expensive when purchased at retail and unless you know exactly which need to be replaced and how to do it; this can be a real challenge for laptops.


To potentially diagnose if it is the second cause (with power off) use a good "canned air" product and blow gas vigorously from the outlet side inward -- if the problem goes away (or the pitch of the noise changes), then a through cleaning might be sufficient.


Hope this is helpful.

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Re: W530 fan problem started after 2.5 years

Thanks for the suggestion. I downloaded that tool and CPU, GPU and Mem temps seem ok (<60oC)
There is no option to take it to lenovo unfortunately, as in Spain/Gibraltar, as a) Lenovo Spain dont honour my £300 3ry INternational waranty as you have to pay with your credit card just to speak to customer services, and there is no Lenovo repair center within 200km. My only option is to take it to any other european country for service, which costs more than a new laptop.
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Re: W530 fan problem started after 2.5 years

Cleaning the fan is rather easy, you can remove your keyboard and apply compressed first as explained above, bur first make sure to block the fan with your finger or a small screwdriver to prevent it from spinning. Repeat the procedure rotating the fan a little with your finger and applying compressed air again.


To remove the keyboad follow the instructions of the HMM, chapter 10 - 1060 (click me!)


There are some pictures in an article from our Spanish community, you can check the pictures there for reference, though the instructions are for T4xxx series the same principle can be applied to your W530: fan cleaning


Replacing the fan is also possible and with the above manual is not so difficult, in case you want to give it a try let us know and we can guide you with the next steps and things you need to buy for the replacement.






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